Rooted in Foshan global vision

The national blank area is in the process of attracting investment



  • Nearly 30 years of production experience

  • Foshan has a production base of over 200000 M2

  • Specialized marble field for 10 years

  • National high-tech enterprise

  • Participating units of national standard for marble tiles

  • China ceramic tile color R & D base

  • Foshan origin filing enterprise

  • 4 series, 7 specifications and 9 color systems

  • More than 150 classic marble designs

  • More than 80 design patents

production base

Innovative process, Seiko and intelligent manufacturing

  • National high-tech enterprise
  • Foshan origin filing enterprise
  • 20W㎡scale
  • 45000㎡daily production capacity
  • "Digital ink jet + screen skip printing" superposition process
  • 16800Tadvanced large plate press
  • 4production lines of marble tiles (rock slabs)

Product system

High appearance, specialization, multi-dimensional

Tongli marble tiles adhere to the marble category and continue to develop in depth Lucciole lujole series (imported marble series), natural marble series, matte marble series and marble plate series have been formed Build a product lineup based on the principles of specialization and differentiation, and have more than 150 high-quality and high-end marble tile products Fully meet the needs of retail, designer, decoration, tooling, engineering and other Omni channels It has also become a strategic partner and supplier of Wanda real estate, Greentown real estate, Zhengshang real estate, Marriott, Hilton, Wyndham, Hyatt, Westin five-star hotels and other projects

  • 3

    Big light sense


  • 4

    Large series

    Lucciole series
    Natural marble series
    Matte marble series
    Marble Slate series

  • 7

    Large size

    800x2600mm / 900x1800mm
    750x1500mm / 600x1200mm
    600x900mm / 600x600mm

  • 9

    Colors series

    White / Grey / Beige
    Brown / yellow / red
    Green / Blue / Black

Brand honor

Authoritative certification creates core competition

With its excellent brand strength and product quality, Tongli marble tiles have successively won the honor of "enterprise with integrity commitment" from one hundred ceramic enterprises in Foshan Foshan standard product enterprise, leading brand of ceramic tile color, 70 year old brand of China home furnishing Co., Ltd Foshan ceramic origin registration enterprise, quality outstanding contribution award, China's top ten ceramic brands, first-line ceramic brands The leading brand of marble tiles and other honors, in the industry, designers, consumers It has been highly recognized by people from all walks of life such as real estate.

  • Governor's Cup

    Governor's Cup

  • Mayor's Cup

    Mayor's Cup

  • 2021 Innovation Pioneer Brand

    2021 Innovation Pioneer Brand

  • Central Radio "Space Color Leads Ceramic Brand"

    Central Radio "Space Color Leads Ceramic Brand"

  • Central Radio Plaque

    Central Radio Plaque

  • Certificate of Origin

    Certificate of Origin

  • Voice of China

    Voice of China

  • The most competitive brand in the Chinese market

    The most competitive brand in the Chinese market

  • Quality Outstanding Contribution Award

    Quality Outstanding Contribution Award

  • High-tech Enterprise Medal

    High-tech Enterprise Medal

  • Foshan City Rest assured consumption demonstration point

    Foshan City Rest assured consumption demonstration point

  • Foshan Standard Product Enterprise

    Foshan Standard Product Enterprise

  • The second member unit of Foshan Copyright Protection Association

    The second member unit of Foshan Copyright Protection Association

  • Top ten brands of marble tiles in 2021

    Top ten brands of marble tiles in 2021

  • Top ten brands of marble tiles in 2021

    Top ten brands of marble tiles in 2021

  • Top ten brands of marble tiles

    Top ten brands of marble tiles

  • Tile color leads the brand

    Tile color leads the brand

  • Industry-University-Research Cooperation Base

    Industry-University-Research Cooperation Base

  • Hundreds of Ceramic Enterprises Integrity Enterprise

    Hundreds of Ceramic Enterprises Integrity Enterprise

  • 2021 China (Industry) Logo Brand

    2021 China (Industry) Logo Brand

Franchise advantages

Choose Tomely to make profits easily

  • Brand advantages

    Foshan local smart brand
    Focus on marble field for 10 years
    International fashion brand style
    Self contained flow of ultra-high appearance value

  • Production advantages

    Guangdong Foshan owned factory
    200000 M2 super large modern production base
    4 professional marble tile (rock plate) production lines
    Daily output of 45000 square meters

  • Innovation advantages

    International vision and brand leadership
    Design driven, value creation
    From nature, better than nature
    Focus on the trend and lead the trend

  • Design advantages

    Original design, super high appearance
    nternational vision, fashion gene
    Color trend, aesthetic life

  • Marketing advantages

    International stores
    Product gradient layout
    Brand channel strategic layout
    360 ° increase the business capacity of a single store

  • Enabling advantage

    Tomely college training
    Smart store operation
    Terminal practice
    Professional empowerment system

Policy support

Based on terminal and win-win cooperation

Starting from the actual needs of the terminal, five support policies have been adopted to solve the pain points of store operation needs and help the store make rapid profits
  • 01
    Policy support

    Simple direct alliance support
    Comprehensive assistance policy

  • 02
    Design support

    International and standardized store display system
    Specialized and systematic application service system

  • 03
    Decoration support

    Subsidy for construction of high standard franchised stores
    Quick rebate system for store decoration

  • 04
    Opening support

    Diversified terminal model cases
    Standard for systematic opening activities

  • 05
    Capacity support

    Intelligent self owned production base
    Diversified production and customized services
    Modern product warehousing and supply

  • 06
    Operational support

    Standardized store
    operation managementIntelligent store design system

  • 07
    Promotion support

    Headquarters diversification matrix promotion
    Precise drainage of power assisted terminal

  • 08
    Training support

    Focus on terminal demand pain points
    Build a powerful terminal team

Joining process

Professional, considerate and considerate service

Franchise qualification

Discuss and share together, be willing to benefit

  • Understand local consumption
    Trends and markets
  • Operational awareness
    And brand concept
  • Mainstream building materials
    Market owned stores
  • Professional
  • Have certain sales Resources and
    advantageous channels

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